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Weight Loss Wednesday

Recap of last week.

TNT – achieved all points

SE – Got full points on tracking, but not on the other areas

LCW – 80 min total


This week:

Harry Potter Challenge: (3 weekly goals and 2 challenges)


~Forbidden Forest #2 – Share an article about water or cardio. 50pts (once a wk)

~Magical Creatures #2 – 2. Start capturing your ideas: 300pts
(gather ALL the ideas you can find to design your choices creation)
a. visuals/collages/colors/textures/smells or scents
b. trigger words/research/something a friend said/song
c. quotes/sayings/stories

Weekly Goals:

1. Weight (177.0 last week, 178.0 this week)

2. Fitness minutes (goal 200 – I did 190 last week)

3. Bedtime – log off computer by 10pm on a school night

Biggest Loser Challenge (TNT, SE, LCW)


Step 1: Complete a 5 minute warm up

Step 2: Choose one workout (1, 2, or 3 sets)

Step 3: Cool down with 5 yoga stretches


F-Freggies: Eat 3 servings of Fruit and 4 servings of Vegetables per day.

O-Organize: Organize something daily

C-Cardio: Strive for 30-60 min per day

U-Umph: Do 10/set/10 reps each day (alternate daily between Upper, Lower, Core)

S-Storytelling: Post in chat/blog telling us about your journey.


- Cardio minutes

- 50 Crunches

- 10 min yoga/stretch

Swimming for Cardio (My KISS goals)

- My swimming goal for October is 10 swim. My last swim was 1500 (5 sets of 300) and I’d love to be able to work up to 2000.

- My general goal is to do 20 min/5 days each week, including swimming, other cardio, ST, and stretching.

Simple Sunday – Wrapup and Ahead

Week in Review

Well, jury summons was pretty easy. All I had to do was check the internet at the appointed time. My last “check-in” informed me that I didn’t need to come in and my service was done. Yay!

I successfully posted 4/5 blogs on time. The 5th one was technically started on the right day, but I wanted to add some info and never came back to post.

This past week I wanted to make it a point to get more workouts in, and I have successfully done that. Mon, Wed, Thurs and today (all 20 min at least). Yay! Hoping to keep this streak up. Hubby recently showed off his skills and created a wire to connect sound from my computer to my monitor so I can play videos from my computer (netflix and workout videos). This will help to get a bit of exercise in on “lazy” days when I don’t want to leave, and for days when I’m so busy I just want to come home. Now I really have no excuses to not exercise.

Projects/To Do this week

Hmm, picture day is on Tuesday – What to wear?

Still need to finish reading phones and challenge books for the kids.

Finish building bathroom storage and organize bathroom.

Move some stuff into hallway storage to better organize bedroom.

Work on library blog – really need to make a post on there.

Foto Friday

Hubby enjoying his new toy, and a contest idea for my school’s book fair happening later.



Thursday Thoughts

Today, I will share my 5 most recent pins on pinterest, and links to the site they are from (if applicable).

ac478a983910cda7b9f5322647b1320c786268e5c24c69f7030206f19b3f8fd5c73385923f76b1c23e8bf302b90dd00b12f8f38d1d1fd2772a045470ccff7cbf – For this book, read it to the kids without showing them the pictures. What do their monsters look like?

59af73b3d585b3c7421f61044de88fa6 – blog post tells where to go for activities on tons of popular books, based by publisher.

Weight Loss Wednesday

Starting this portion actually coincides with starting a 12-week challenge on known as BLC-23. I’m part of the Violet Venus team, and today is the first weigh-in. So, I will share my weight/measurements along with challenges for the week (until the challenge is over). I will also let you know how I did the previous week on challenges. I’m also striving to be a streaker during the challenge, meaning I will attempt to work out for 20 min/day, 5 days/week.

Week 1’s Theme: Find a Way.

Starting Weight – 177.0

Chest: 39
Waist: 38
Hips: 43.5
Thigh: 26
Upper arm: 14

Challenges for this week:

Wed or Thurs – TNT (Tight N’ Tone): Total points possible – 25
~Step 1: Complete a beginner workout from Shape Magazine (5 exercises, 3 sets each) or do 30 min of a ST dvd, class, personal trainer, or personal routine.  – 15 points
~Step 2: Complete a 5 minute warm up prior to step 1. – 5 points
~Step 3: Complete a 5 minute cool down after step 1. – 5 points

Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon – SE (Strong End): Total points possible – 69
~B (Break a Sweat): 1 pt for every 10 min/day of fitness (5 pts/50 min max/day). Bonus of 3 pts if you earn max each day.
~L (Logging): 5 pts daily for tracking every BLT (bite, lick, taste – 5 pts max/day). Bonus of 3 pts if you track every day.
~C (Connect): 5 pts daily for posting to team’s chat (5 pts max/day). Bonus of 3 pts if you post every day.

Mon, Tues – LCW (Last Chance Workout):
~Do as many fitness minutes you can Mon and Tues. 1 min = 1 mile. How far can you go? All forms of fitness counts.

Mailbox Monday

Alright, its been a while since I last shared postcards, so be prepared for quite a bit.

China - Heng Yao - private swap - front China - Heng Yao - private swap - backThis first one comes from China via a private swap.

Russia - Sveta - Black-White - frontRussia - Sveta - Black-White - backWoot! Just another reminder from the stamp that the next Olympic games are coming soon! This came from a “black and white” tag.

Philippines - Jose - NA World-Water - front Philippines - Jose - NA World-Water - back Japan - Yukie - NA meets World - front Japan - Yukie - NA meets World - back Austria - Sarah - NA World-Water - front Austria - Sarah - NA World-Water - backThe next set were all via round robin with a water theme. Don’t they just make you wanna find a beach or something?

China - kuangyifei - Boring Cards - front China - kuangyifei - Boring Cards - backThis one was from a tag called “boring cards”, however I was thrilled to get it as it was my first advertisement card.

Serbia - Ana - NA meets World - front Serbia - Ana - NA meets World - back China - Sudan - NA meets World - front China - Sudan - NA meets World - back These both came from a generic round robin.

Netherlands - Karin - front Netherlands - Karin - back Germany - Anni - front Germany - Anni - back Malaysia - Sheryl - front Malaysia - Sheryl - backThe last set were a normal postcrossing send. My favorite is the middle one – even though it didn’t come from the sender’s home, its still Disney themed.

There you have it. Another trip across the water complete.

What to Expect from Me

I realize I have not been visiting this blog and talking with you as much as I should, and I apologize. Let’s change that, starting today! Here is my plan, plain and simple.

~Sunday – Simple Sunday: This is when I will share plans for the coming week, or it could be a catch-up day if I miss another day. It’s kind of my surprise day.
~Monday – Mailbox Monday: This is when I will share the postcards that have come in the previous week. Yes, this might be a photo heavy day.
~Wednesday – Weight-loss Wednesday: As I actively journey on a lifestyle change to lose weight and be healthy, this day is devoted to talking about my struggles and victories.
~Thursday – Thursday Thoughts: Ramblings and thoughts going through my head, be it things I learned, things I’m thinking about, or things I want to share.
~Friday – Foto Friday: I will share some recent photos I have taken, or will share a fun, memorable photo from the past.

Notice I am missing Tuesday and Saturday. Tuesday is going to be one of my busier days and Saturday is a relaxing day spent on projects or being lazy, so I am making these no-plan days. If I post, lucky you! If I don’t, that’s okay as well.


Well, since this is Simple Sunday, let’s start with the plan for this week.

To begin with, I have received my first ever Jury Summons. On the plus side, I don’t have to report yet. This also gives me another day to plan my dreaded “long wait” people talk about.

I am actively part of two spark teams, one that is BLC based and one that is Harry Potter based. This will be the fourth week of the Harry Potter challenge, and my goal is to be active this week (posting 3x in the common room) and actively working on “classes”. The BLC team is in its beginning stages – new members coming and getting things all set up. The actual round begins on Wednesday with weigh-ins. I am so excited! There are several ladies who love to tell jokes, and we are already bonding more than I’ve seen in previous rounds. (I’m sure it doesn’t help that the majority are returning to the team.) I also love the bonding of my HP team (two of the ladies on this team I have been with from the beginning).

Other random things happening: monthly Union meeting, monthly race planning meeting for Girls on the Run, 3 day weekend starting Friday (teacher PD day), and school picture day (hmm, what to wear?).

What do you have planned for the week? Any thing you’re looking forward to?

Russia & Fitbit

I love my fitbit. I love how it keeps me moving. There are often times where I will talk about parking further away from the store front and hubby will pop in and say “but it gives you more steps”. I guess its a love-hate relationship. Its even more so of a “hate” relationship when the battery dies. A whole day of steps that goes untracked. How did I ever live before this??? Oh well, a battery is purchased so I can avoid this situation in the future. (Note: if you are a fitbit user and would like someone to encourage you to get more steps in, let me know.)

Now on to Russia. Please enjoy this card I got from Natalie…

Russia - Natalie - front

Russia - back

Russia – back


Also, I am creating a new page that will be centered on my job as a library media tech, so if you would like to know more details of what I do during the day, check it out … It is a work in progress, so stay tuned for more.

China, Wall, Notebook

As stated in the title, I will be showing you three things today.

The first is a new postcard I received in the mail from China…

From China (front)

From China (front)

From China - back

From China – back

The second thing is my postcard display on the wall.

round one - map wall

round one – map wall

Once the border is full (as indicated in this picture), I take all the postcards down and start over with a new batch. The cards that were removed will be added to a photo album.

The third is my first traveling notebook (currently en route to participants).

traveling notebook

traveling notebook – contents

traveling notebook (inside - cover)

traveling notebook (inside – cover)

traveling notebook (inside)

traveling notebook (inside – page 1)

traveling notebook (inside)

traveling notebook (inside – page 2)

traveling notebook (inside)

traveling notebook (inside – page 3)

The way this notebook works is that people sign up on a forum I created. The notebook is then sent from person to person to fill out, ultimately reaching me at the end. Once the notebook returns to me, I will be sure to post pictures so you can be a part of my travels.

Postcards from the summer (lots of pics!)

Here are the postcards I received over the summer (warning – its a bit of pics being added…)

First up are the ones randomly sent…

Taiwan - front

Taiwan – front

Taiwan - back

Taiwan – back

Ukraine - front

Ukraine – front

Ukraine - back

Ukraine – back

Lithuania - front

Lithuania – front

Lithuania - back

Lithuania – back

The sender from Lithuania also included a sheet with some translations…

Lithuania (letter) - front

Lithuania (letter) – front

Lithuania (letter) - back

Lithuania (letter) – back

And now, back to the postcards….

Netherlands - front

Netherlands – front

Netherlands - back

Netherlands – back

Russia - front

Russia – front

Russia - back

Russia – back

Taiwan - front

Taiwan – front

Taiwan - back

Taiwan – back

Germany - front

Germany – front

Germany - back

Germany – back

I think the one with Pooh Bear is officially my favorite!!! Although, I’m also partial to the fairy one from Ukraine and the sunset behind the bridge from Taiwan.

Now, the next batch are ones that were sent via a forum group…

France - front

France – front

France - back

France – back

Hong Kong - front

Hong Kong – front

Hong Kong - back

Hong Kong – back

Italy -  front

Italy – front

Italy - back

Italy – back

China - front

China – front

China - back

China – back

Finland - front

Finland – front

Finland - back

Finland – back

And I am officially caught up! More later when I get some more mail :)

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